Author: Joy Chan

How Retail Marketing Professionals Respond To Consumer Tendencies This COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the retail industry, changed consumer behavior, and created a ripple effect of changes in the eCommerce landscape that will be felt for many years to come. In fact, recent surveys indicate that a massive decline in retail sales in April alone in the United States. But in exchange, it also caused an inadvertent shift in consumer spending as most of their purchases are now done over the internet by over 20.5%. With that being said, how retail marketing professionals respond to consumer tendencies this COVID-19 outbreak? Get to know the details...

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How To Build A Fantastic Sales Team: 6 Sales Recruitment Strategies

The best way to welcome this year is to jumpstart your business in building an exceptional sales team. Keep your company in balance by making sure that the sales recruitment department can maintain competent individuals. Your salespeople will run the show in growing your business. You must know the importance of hiring and keeping employees who can contribute to your success. 6 Ways To Build A Fantastic Sales Team Pretty young business woman group with headphones smiling at you against white background Sales Recruitment Is An Ongoing Process Don’t start looking for candidates when there is already a vacant...

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Learn Some Great Ways to Save Money

People work so hard to earn money. It’s vital to save money, because it will help you survive. But the truth is, most people spend money on things that they don’t really need. These are people who can’t control their impulses, and buy whatever they see in the mall that happens to appeal to them at the moment. As a result, they eventually lose their savings and have to start all over again. You shouldn’t worry if you’re among these people, because there are lots of great ways to save money. You only need to know the proper decisions...

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Rags to Riches: What Happens In Between

Everyone dreams of success, and these days, everyone can read inspirational stories of success almost anywhere. But, motivation and action are completely different things – everyone has a dream, but how do some people make their dreams a reality? Today, we look at people’s rags to riches stories – and what it took to get through that journey in between. Set a goal. Do Won & Jin Sook Chang came to American soil looking for greener pastures. Coming from South Korea with nothing except a high school education, the couple toiled – Do Won working 24/7 from a coffee...

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