Author: Joy Chan

Learn Some Great Ways to Save Money

People work so hard to earn money. It’s vital to save money, because it will help you survive. But the truth is, most people spend money on things that they don’t really need. These are people who can’t control their impulses, and buy whatever they see in the mall that happens to appeal to them at the moment. As a result, they eventually lose their savings and have to start all over again. You shouldn’t worry if you’re among these people, because there are lots of great ways to save money. You only need to know the proper decisions...

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Rags to Riches: What Happens In Between

Everyone dreams of success, and these days, everyone can read inspirational stories of success almost anywhere. But, motivation and action are completely different things – everyone has a dream, but how do some people make their dreams a reality? Today, we look at people’s rags to riches stories – and what it took to get through that journey in between. Set a goal. Do Won & Jin Sook Chang came to American soil looking for greener pastures. Coming from South Korea with nothing except a high school education, the couple toiled – Do Won working 24/7 from a coffee...

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7 Practical Reasons to Study Finance

The common misconception of finance experts is that they are bespectacled math nerds. Financial knowledge is more than just having an aptitude for math. It’s being able to look at numbers and data critically, and being able to make decisions in order to manage money and investments well. Having a proficiency for finance has many practical advantages, because finance is applicable not just in work but in your everyday life as well. You have daily money transactions. You earn, you spend, you save, you invest. It can’t be denied that finance plays a very big role in an individual’s...

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