Charities, also called charitable organizations, are organizations whose main objectives are supporting and protecting the welfare of their beneficiaries. These organizations have different purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • advancement of education
  • preservation of natural heritage
  • prevention of human suffering
  • prevention of poverty
  • prevention of social discrimination

Since charities are part of non-profit organizations, their funds are accumulated from the donations of different benefactors such as businesses and private individuals. Charity workers also often conduct fundraising activities in order to maintain the operations of their organizations.

Different Types of Charities

Charities differ when it comes to their beneficiaries. As pointed out earlier, this could include people, the environment, as well as the welfare of animals. In some cases, charities also have small divisions which handle different cases which may be related or unrelated to their main cause.

Here are a few of the most common types of charities that you’ll find:

Animal Charities

WWF logo

The goal of animal charities is to prevent animal suffering, cruelty, and extinction that are often caused by human abuse, abandonment, and animal testing.

Their main concerns include:

  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Pet and Animal Welfare
  • Wildlife Conservation

Arts and Culture

Since the world is in constant development, cultures and histories are often forgotten. The goal of arts and culture charities is to prevent this from happening. They believe that culture needs to be preserved as it directly relates to the country and its people as a whole.

Their main concerns include:

  • Libraries and Historical Societies
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Performing Arts
  • Public Broadcasting and Media


These charities strive to provide education to every student, from pre-school up to graduate school. They’re also committed to improving the quality of education that every student receives.

Their main concerns include:

  • Scholarship and Financial Support
  • School Reform and Policy
  • Youth Education
  • Special Education


Greenpeace logo

Nature is continuously abused by greedy people and businesses, and the effects of these misconducts are growing more noticeable. Environmental charities are dedicated to preventing further environmental extortion. They also put effort into the preservation of what’s left from nature.

Their main concerns include:

  • Environmental Conservation and Protection
  • Parks and Nature Centers


These charities handle human protection on a wider scope. They work around the world to promote human rights, peace, and unity amongst nations. They also provide relief and services whenever a country suffers from a major problem.

Their main concerns include:

  • Child Sponsorship
  • Conservation
  • Disaster Relief and Humanitarian
  • International Development
  • Peace and Human Rights



Health charities contribute to the discovering and curing of diseases. Some larger charities travel the world to treat the sick and promote public health and risk awareness.

Their main concerns include:

  • Disease and Disorder
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Services and Treatment
  • Patient and Family Support

Research and Public Policy

These charities focus on the advancement of scientific disciplines like technology, public policy, engineering, and etc. Their main goal is to research and develop feasible methods that will solve current problems within science.

Their main concerns include:

  • Non-Medical Science and Technology
  • Public Policy

Importance and Performance of Charitable Organizations

Aside from the positive effects of charities towards their beneficiaries, charities also make indirect contributions to the volunteers and the community. Charitable efforts improve the quality of living in a society and bridge the gap between social extremes like status in society, race, and belief, etc. Volunteers are able to express their sincere concern towards their desired causes. Some charities have also been noted for their efforts toward bettering the whole world.

For example:

During 2015, the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) raised a total of $10,685,964.00 for their scholars, careers, and alternative investment programs. With that, SEO established an 8-year academic program that helps students finish high school through college with 95% graduation rate.

During 2016, the MAP International, a health charity, raised $454,873,905.00 for their distribution of medicine program. MAP International was able to extend their assistance to more than 100 countries. They provide relief aid and humanitarian assistance to every people in times of calamities and disasters.


Charitable organizations exist to maintain order and help the needy. Some charities were able to succeed and contribute a large impact on the society because of the collective determination of charities, benefactors, and volunteers. Without charities, the government would be having a hard time solving tons of current issues.